Why VQuip

Our 3 Step Performance Offer:

1. Design
In an age where space is at a premium, our experienced team at VQuip are specialists in ensuring that the true value of our customers vehicle is realised,  maximising your Return on Investment (ROI). We embark on a careful design discovery journey to ensure we have a clear understanding of our customer’s needs, before commencing the design process. Our Design team ensures that our customer’s vision for their vehicle is translated into reality. Prototypes are created as required for customer approval of design. Any potential risks are identified and strategically overcome via our Risk Management Procedure (RMP). Our experience has taught us that well designed fitouts not only exponentially increase working efficiency but also reduce injury and increase employee retention. Everyone loves to work for a company who has invested in a VQuip fitout!

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2. Project Management
Our design process is then followed by a micro managed project management process. The project management process oversees the coordination of materials, receipt of the vehicles, utilisation of labour and establishment of the timeline. They will contact the customer as required and maintain a report program to ensure the customer is kept abreast of progress.

Our project management team then focus on execution. The variety of items required are coordinated and our team of craftsmen attend to the installation requirements with a precision that is only bred through intensive training and years of experience. Fitting can either take place in house, or on site nationwide as required. The key focus is to ensure that our commitment to quality is achieved, the deadlines are met and the fitout meets the design expectation.

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3. Guaranteed Support
Our guaranteed support follows the handover of the project. We are committed to rectifying any element of the fitout that doesn’t meet our customers’ expectations. Our support program ensures we build long term relationships with our customers.

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